🐶Adoption Post 🐶

Age - 2 years
Adoption Fee - £300

We have another handsome boy up for adoption 🥰
Please read below very carefully as to what his foster family have said about him and apply if you think you Are the perfect home.

Beefy is a gorgeous little boy. He loves human company and also a pawpal. He hasn’t been around cats so we are unsure of how he would react.

Sadly he does have allergies which are managed with a daily dose of apoquel which he will need to remain on. He takes his tablet without an issue, we pop it inside a cocktail sausage, a couple of occasions he has managed to sift out the tablet and spit it out, perseverance was key that day!

He has suffered with ear infections previously and arrived into foster with a sever infection causing him to have a ‘funky’ smell about him, once this is treated with him he smells perfectly normal!

Beefy is a very happy and content boy, he can be shy when first meeting people but soon comes around and loves a good fuss when he does. He loves to cuddle into you to fall asleep but soon moves once he gets too warm.
Beefy loves to play and will happily please himself with toys but will bring his toys to you to throw so he can chase it. I would advise though, strong indestructible toys because soft toys will not last long, though he does love a teddy he will sometimes snuggle his face into it to fall asleep!

Beefy loves to go walkies however he is a nutter to try and get his lead on and will take himself for a walk with the lead in his mouth!!
He does pull though and he is a very strong boy.

Beefy will eat anything that is put in-front of him, he is fed along with another dog and there is no issue with them they have different bowls and they know which is their bowl, I do however keep them a little separated as his previous owner advised not to feed with other dogs
As soon as I prepare his food Beefy now takes to the side of the kitchen, I place his bowl down and sits and waits for his bowl, he is a good boy

Beefy is toilet trained and does go outside as a rule however has had the odd water leak around the house (it’s more of a tsunami)

Beefy has been left alone with My girl for approx 2 hours as a test to see how they would be and he was perfect, he threw a party when I returned and his little bottom was wiggling like mad with excitement!

We allowed Beefy upstairs and he can get down on his own (Our girl can’t do this so our hearts stopped when he did it, we all gasped and screamed Beefy no) he loved it and thought it was a joke I however needed a sit down!

Beefy is excellent at travelling in the car, he is absolutely perfect. He also doesn’t have any breathing issues or snorting very rarely snores too!

Beefy loves children and can be homed with them

Overall he is adorable, fun and very loving! He is a typical hyperactive little boy who does like his nap times, his feel sorry for me soppy face just melts you. We will be sad to see him leave us.

If you think you are the perfect home for Beefy then please send an email to
Stating why we should choose you over anyone else

Please also make sure that you have downloaded and submitted an application form into us.

Please note that if you are contacted and short listed a home check is to be completed within a few days of initial contact and the successful candidate will need to be available for collecting the dog within 3/4 days of being told
If you are unsuccessful we will email you to inform you so please don’t worry

Good luck everyone

Please also bear in mind that you will have to travel to the Midlands to collect this lovely boy