🐶Adoption Post🐶

Age- 2 years
Adoption Fee-£450

We have another gorgeous boy up for adoption.... here is what his foster family have written about him, please read carefully and apply if you think you are the perfect home 😍

Fred is a superbly well behaved 2 year old boy, he is gentle, good natured and loves children.

Fred is perfectly house trained and is happy to sleep in his own bed at night. Be warned though, Fred will want to play!!! All day everyday if he could!

This boy is obsessed with playing fetch and will at times bring 2 balls for you to throw! Any potential home must be willing to allow plenty of time to play, and have a supply of balls and tug of war toys, it's all he wants to do! On the rare occasion he is too tired to play he will settle down for a cuddle on the sofa. 💕

Fred has been left alone for 4 hours ( toys and a reward giving toy has been left with him) without any problem. In fact, he's been so well behaved he has been given the run of the house when left, each time he's happily been in his bed upon our return.

Guests are greeted with excitement before he rushes off to find them a ball!

On the lead he pulls slightly but nothing too troublesome. He will greet dogs happily but is cautious on approach of some. I have not witnessed any aggression from this lovely boy.

Fred travels well, happy to just sleep! His beautiful face is full of character and his hare lip gives him many cute expressions!

His only downside is that he can be quite stubborn. If he doesn't feel like coming in when called then he's not budging! This may cause problems if let off a lead so will need to be worked on.

Fred is gentle with all age children but can get excitable with any capable of throwing a ball. My youngest is 7 and he has by accident caught his teeth on her hand playing tug of war a couple of times. He hasn't marked skin or anything and Olivia has learnt to not play tug and we've since had no issues.

He's not particularly jumpy either so I don't really see any ages issue that you wouldn't get with any dog.

Fred likes all the attention on him within the home plus then he has all the toys and balls to himself 😂
So for this reason he would need to be an only dog

He has spotted cats out and about, he's interested but no sign of aggression

In a nutshell, Fred will make a wonderful addition to any home, but be prepared to not even be able to go to the loo or have a shower without him dropping a ball at your feet!!!
Doesn’t he sound a dream 😍

If you think you are the perfect home for Fred then please send an email to
Stating why we should choose you over anyone else

Please also make sure that you have downloaded and submitted an application form into us.

Please note that if you are contacted and short listed a home check is to be completed within a few days of initial contact and the successful candidate will need to be available for collecting the dog within 3/4 days of being told
If you are unsuccessful we will email you to inform you so please don’t worry

Applications close Monday 18th March at 8pm

Good luck everyone

Please also bear in mind that you will have to travel to Leicester to collect this lovely boy