🐶Adoption Post🐶

Age - 4 years old
Adoption Fee- £350

We have another gorgeous girl up for Adoption😍

Here is a little write up from her foster family, please read carefully and apply if you think you are the perfect home

Freda has been a pleasure to foster. She settled in very quickly with our 11 year old French Bulldog and has been very relaxed with him. There is the occasional bit of jealousy over affection and she will try at times to slowly edge him out of the way if they are both sitting with you but they have been fine left alone together.
She will occasionally glare at him or show signs of nipping but she has never bitten him, it’s always been more of a warning so she will need to work on this with other dogs in the home.

Outside she does tend to lunge at other dogs but this may be due to her being on a lead, she shows no sign of aggression, she is just very pushy.

She does pull a lot on her lead when first going for a walk but has been getting better and she is great in cars and just lies in her bed. She is untested with cats and has been great with older children.

Freda is very loving and affectionate but does tend to attach to one person, following them around. She will take herself to her bed or her crate but does not seem to like being shut in when you are out.

Freda does not like to be left alone too long and has some separation anxiety but left with our dog she rarely whimpers now if you go out so I would say she would do well in a home with other dogs.

Freda is a real character, very affectionate and slowly coming out of her shell. I am amazed how quickly she settled into her foster home. She showed no interest in toys initially but is now starting to play a little and she does like to run around the house occasionally on a mad spell to try and encourage our dog to play with her. She is also fine with other people though still occasionally submissive at first.

She sleeps in her bed in our room at night though now she is settling in, you do occasionally wake to find out she’s sneaked on the bed in the middle of the night however that’s more likely to be due to the fact that our old boy sleeps on the bed.

She is very loving and affectionate, loves being spoken to and funny voices and likes watching other French bulldogs on YouTube! 😂

She eats very well and there have been no issues over guarding food or fighting over food. She is toilet trained though tends not to ask to go out but will take herself to the door.

She’s happy to let you inspect her ears, paws and teeth (though not so keen on the teeth) and she seems to be very fit and well with a beautiful shiny coat.

Freda Loves tummy rubs once she’s relaxed in the home and is even getting used to being picked up. Before she would just freeze. She does like her food so is always interested but hasn’t shown signs of begging or stealing, she just gives you the look.
This beautiful girl needs her forever sofa 😍

If you think you are the perfect home for Freda then please send an email to
Stating why we should choose you over anyone else

Please also make sure that you have downloaded and submitted an application form into us.

Please note that if you are contacted and short listed a home check is to be completed within a few days of initial contact and the successful candidate will need to be available for collecting the dog within 3/4 days of being told
If you are unsuccessful we will email you to inform you so please don’t worry

Applications close Sunday 17th March at 8pm

Good luck everyone

Please also bear in mind that you will have to travel to Birmingham to collect this lovely girl