Our Story


The Journey of Fbs….

On 23rd October 2013 I saw a little brindle French bulldog bitch advertised for sale on social media…. She was advertised for £200, living outside….. unspayed and “another litter in there”. People were commenting wanting to help so I thought that was it the girl had been sold. The following day the post was still been posted on social media and breed specific rescues were been begged to help, all walked away….i couldn’t. I arranged to go purchase her for the £200 and get this poor girl out of the sad situation she was in as I knew if left her any longer there was a chance she would be purchased to be used for breeding again or dread to think a “bait dog”

I arrived at the house to be greeted by an older gentleman, the little girl was  behind him cowering in the corner, my heart broke and I knew I had to get her out of the situation she was in quickly. As I was talking to the guy I noticed she kept scratching at a door that looked like it led into another room, she was scratching trying to get in and crying. Unknown to me at the time, there were her babies behind the door.

I picked up this frail smelly girl who was raspy and unwell and squeezed her tight, I told her things are going to be fine and she will be loved…. I named her Dolly……and the journey began…..After getting Dolly home it was obvious she was in a bad way, at the she was diagnosed with pneumonia, her teats were still full of milk and the stitches from a Cesarean Section were visible, she was underweight terrible skin and scared….

Her new life was just beginning….

And French bulldog Saviours was born!

dolly and lindsey.jpg
dolly 1].jpg