I volunteer because...

‘Everything I do is for the dogs because they need us!!! Us humans have failed the dogs.’

‘Love my girls so much . I dread to imagine them having the life that some of their breed have.’

‘After rescuing Martha I came across fbs and just wanted to help make a difference. And I love dogs 🙈 .


‘Because Humans have let me down so much and animals haven’t…’


‘I do it because we are their voice. The more I know people, the more I love dogs. I chose FBS because even though I love every dog, bulldogs are my soft spot. My first rescue was in a high kill shelter in Spain. When I rescued him he was 1 day to be pts he's been with us 3 years now. He's a twat with lots of health issues (no shoes, no bags I have a high insurance bill to pay instead) but love him to bits and can't imagine my life without him now.’

‘I volunteer because I love dogs and enjoy doing something which helps ensure the safety and health of less fortunate ones.’


‘I do it for the love of the dogs.. they need a voice, a dog shouldn't be treated any different to any living thing. Humans are disgusting and disguard them like a piece of clothing when they go out of fashion. I educate people where I can if I'm out walking the dogs, at the vets or events. 
P.s hate humans LOVE DOGS’


‘First of all I love animals and dogs give you so much unconditional love , they really are mans best friend but...we should all give them the love and security back and to know that some of these beautiful loving dogs have been failed by human beings breaks my heart. It fills me with happiness knowing I'm helping . Watching their road to recovery fills me with pride knowing that the money Lyn and I have raised allows them to get the medical help they need. FBS have my heart. The work we all do is phenomenal and I think it's safe to say that I love French Bulldogs . British Bulldogs are also close to my heart as I had them for twelve years and working with EF is fantastic ❤️ ‘

‘I volunteer because I'm passionate about animal welfare. My late daughter bought a frenchie pup 5 years ago and I fed her every lunchtime for months, and naturally fell in love with the breed. I could barely believe it when she told me that there were rescues set up specifically for frenchies, that people were abusing the breed and so hunted until I found fbs. Shortly after I adopted Maggie, the first fbs rescue in Northern Ireland, and the rest is history. Now I have 2 and am still madly in love with them, even with all their faults. I love picking up dogs, placing them in good foster homes, then helping them find their forever homes 😍😍😍 ‘


‘I have always rescued dogs all my life I have my favourite breeds which are staffie s & French Bulldog s but no dog should go through some of the horrifying cruelties I’ve seen when collecting dogs from 40 yrs ago it doesn’t seem to decline just the breeds are different depending on fashion!!! I am not very active at the moment but I am here due to losing my very best friend for the last 20 yrs which has built my fur family from 2 Frenchie s 1 of them Fbscilla to + 2 staffie s who have always treated my home as there home from home so now their mum has passed away I will keep for their last yrs 
Fbs Cilla now Lexi came to me as an underweight, anxious but shutdown, nails growing into her paws no teeth one side of her mouth that the vet said hadn’t been done under anaesthetic- 5 mths on she is the most comical, sweetest natured ,mischievous loving little babe you could ever wish for the FOUR owner s she had in her 2 years of life have no idea what they have missed out on she is awesome my gain & that’s the results I do this for.’


‘I volunteer because dogs saved my life and it now time for me to save theirs.’


‘Because every dog deserves a chance and love and to educate and support people to give them that chance.’


‘I do this to make these beautiful dogs get the love and homes they should have from day one 🐾🐶💋💙 Maggie May Ozzie hot pot and beautiful buddy.’