The Frenchie and The Tortoise

Here at FBS we love a beautiful Frenchie story, especially when it is one of our own rescues. 

"I had not stopped hearing how much my daughter wanted a French Bulldog for many years, now she was 16 we decided the time was right. We considered buying a puppy as our first dog, however our hearts were broken when we found FBS & saw how many Frenchies needed help.
In February this year our perfect furbaby came up for adoption. We spent a long time writing, & re-writing, our application.
After a nail-biting few weeks we were contacted by a lovely lady asking if we were available so that she could complete a home visit. We were so excited that she dragged herself out in the snow & spent a few hours asking us all the questions she needed to. What a lovely thing to do, I couldnt thank her enough!
We were ecstatic when a short time later when we were told we had been picked to be Zee’s (FBS Elkies) forever home.
In the heavy snow in March this year we drove from Kent to Leeds to pick up our first ever furbaby.
Zee is 6 years old & very anxious, causing her to be reactive to other dogs. We live in a small village, surrounded in countryside, so we are lucky enough to be able walk her miles away from other people & feel confident enough to allow her to run around off-lead.
Last week, as the weather was cooling off, we managed a rare mid afternoon walk through fields. We were a mile & a half away from any house when Zee went running ahead and seemed very interested in something on the ground, getting closer I could see it was a tortoise!! Zee was very pleased with herself & as I desperately tried to carry the wriggling tortoise the mile & a half back, Zee smiled & bounced around wanting to play with it!
I should explain that Zee doesn’t have many animal friends, because of her anxiety, but her best friend at home is a tortoise!
A man in his car actually stopped us as we got near home to ask if we were actually taking our tortoise for a walk!!
Once home I wondered how on earth I was going to find the owner when it was found so far from anywhere. I started by putting a ‘Found’ post on our village Facebook page. I was contacted several hours later by a couple desperately upset because there tortoise had been missing for 4 days. They explained that their house backed on to the fields. I felt mean when I asked if they had anything that could identify it as theres. I had already been contacted by others & was adamant that I was going to get it back home. As I discussed this with the very understanding couple a few things fell into place. I felt silly asking if they happened to carry out home visits for dog charities but they did! It was the lovely lady who had completed ours!!!
They came straight around & were so pleased to be reunited with their tortoise. I was so chuffed to be able to repay them for trudging out in the snow to help us adopt our beautiful Zee."

If this story doesn't cheer you up on a Tuesday morning I am not sure what will!