🐶Adoption Post🐶

Age - 2 years
Adoption fee - £350

We have another beautiful girly up for adoption
Please read very carefully what her foster family have written about her and apply if you think you are the perfect home. Thank you

This little lady is a sensitive soul with so much love to give, as long as there are humans in the house, she is chilled and happy; napping nearby, playing with her toys (elephant and dinosaur are her favourites) or a good gnaw on her bone.

Due to her love for human company, she doesn’t like being on her own for long periods (max 1-2 hours) but is very well behaved and in no way destructive, just pacing and keenly awaiting your return. However she happily sleeps downstairs in her own bed at night.

Margot loves a walk and as long as it isn’t raining she will toddle along for ages! Same goes for toileting she will always take herself outside however if it’s raining she needs to be taken out.

Margot now knows basic commands (sit, stay and come) and responds very well to anything that ends with a wee treat, we would recommend positive behaviour training continues.

She does tend to get anxious around young active children or when humans are getting attention instead of her and so would likely continue to blossom as the only dog in a quieter home with teenagers
She doesn’t like cats either

Margot travels fine in the car

If you think you are the perfect home for Margot then please send an email to
Stating why we should choose you over anyone else

Please also make sure that you have downloaded and submitted an application form into us.

Please note that if you are contacted and short listed a home check is to be completed within a few days of initial contact and the successful candidate will need to be available for collecting the dog within 3/4 days of being told
If you are unsuccessful we will email you to inform you so please don’t worry

Applications close Tuesday 27th August at 8pm

Good luck everyone

Please also bear in mind that you will have to travel to Glasgow to collect this lovely girl